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After interviewing hundreds of startups around the world, we heard time and time again about how executives struggle to align their team around a strategy. The result is confusion that not only slows down the company, but potentially thwarts it all together. To help companies around the world address this, we created a set of tools to help companies express, refine, test, and share their strategy. Only one click away!

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Nataliya Langburd Wright is an Assistant Professor in the Management Division of Columbia Business School. Her research focuses on entrepreneurial strategy, particularly how technology startups around the world scale and why there are international differences in scaling. It is published or is forthcoming in the Strategic Management Journal and Research Policy and earned the SRF Dissertation Scholar and PTC Emerging Scholar awards.  


Nataliya’s research draws inspiration from her prior policy work as a senior consultant and staff economist at the World Bank and White House and startup work as a co-founder, adviser, and board member. She earned her PhD from Harvard Business School, MPhil from the University of Cambridge, and BA from Yale University.

Rem Koning is the Mary V. and Mark A. Stevens Associate Professor of Business Administration at Harvard Business School. His work explores the drivers of entrepreneurial progress and inclusive innovation. He is the co-director of the Tech for All lab at The Digital, Data, and Design (D^3) Institute at Harvard, where he leads a group of interdisciplinary researchers studying how the rate and direction of science, technology, and startups can be accelerated and shifted to better benefit women, minority groups, and people in emerging and developing countries.

He co-leads the Conference on Field Experiments in Strategy (CFXS), is an associate editor for Management Science, and is an invited researcher at J-PAL’s Science for Progress Initiative (SfPI). He teaches a new semester-length second-year elective course at HBS, Strategy for Entrepreneurs (SFE), that blends case discussion and hands-on exercises to help students discover and test startup ideas that the market has missed.

Rem earned degrees in mathematics and statistics from the University of Chicago and his Ph.D. at the Stanford Graduate School of Business, where he received a Kauffman Dissertation Fellowship. He teaches entrepreneurship, strategy, and general management to executives, MBA students, and scientists. His work has been published in Science, the Strategic Management Journal, Management Science, Research Policy, Organization Science, and the American Sociological Review. It has been covered by the Wall Street Journal, Harvard Business Review, STAT News, Nature, Vox, and the New York Times.

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